Quentin Tarantino Biography

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Quentin Jerome Tarantino an American actor, film director, producer and a screenwriter was born in March 27, 1963 in Tennessee. He started in early 1990s as an independent actor and filmmaker using mainly aestheticization of violence and non-linear stories.
quentin tarantino
Tarantino became an instant legend in Hollywood after bagging numerous awards such as Golden Globe and Oscar. His much imitated groundbreaking screenplay Pulp Fiction released in 1994 won him several awards for the Best Original Screenplay. He became adored by many film legends in the industry as a “new-age” filmmaker who was a high school dropout and who had learnt the art of filmmaking; not at a film school, but by watching tapes and television.

While working as a video archive clerk in Manhattan Beach he met his “would-be” producing associate, Mr. Roger Avary. Roger Avary made several joint screenplays with Tarantino before making a 70-minute comedy, My Best Friend’s Birthday which was co-directed by Craig Hamann. The comedy was about a young man with plans to surprisingly give his friend who was having a birthday something nice to keep running afoul.

Although Tarantino started out as a director, being an actor was his dream too. Like many of the new directors, his first piece did not see the light. It later went on to be shown in exhibitions. In 1988, he appeared in several Elvis Impersonate episodes; The Golden Girls.

Among the films he has done include My Best Friend’s Birthday, Pulp Fiction, Reservoir Dogs, kill bill, Jackie Brown, inglorious Bastards aiind Death proof. His work has earned him awards from Academy, BAFTA, Golden Globe, Grammy as well as Emmy.  Tarantino has also been involved in a number of television productions. For instance, he directed the fifth season of the popular show CSI: Crime Scene Investigation. The Grave danger episode takes much of the Kill Bill film.

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Quentin Tarantino Says The N-Word At The Golden Globe Awards

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Quentin Tarantino won the award for the best screenplay for “Django Unchained” at the Golden Globe Awards event. After he has just picked up the award, Tarantino shocked the press by uttering the racist term while defending its use in his slavery-era spaghetti western named “Django Unchained”.


He used the N-word in the winners room. The famous filmmaker said about it: “They think I should soften it, that I should lie, that I should massage. I would never do that when it comes to my characters.”


The film’s setting is in 1860 antebellum South and involves rife and violence. This is not the first time when Quentin Tarantino makes this point. He did it before, as well, even on a Canadian talk show in December called George Stroumboulopoulos Tonight: “This whole thing of this ‘war on drugs’ and the mass incarcerations that have happened pretty much for the last 40 years has just decimated the black male population. “It’s slavery. It’s just slavery through and through, and it’s just the same fear of the black male that existed back in the 1800s.”


Related to what he said at the Golden Globes Awards event, Tarantino explained: “If somebody is out there actually saying when it comes to the word ‘n—–,’ the fact that I was using it in the movie more than it was being used in the antebellum south in Mississippi, then feel free to make that case. But no one’s actually making that case.”


Watch the video:

In terms of brutality and violence in his new film, the filmmaker said: “There’s two types of violence (in ‘Django’). There’s the brutality of the violence in the day, put upon the slaves during the time, that hasn’t been dealt with in America to the extent I deal with it. There was two holocausts in America, this is one of them. Then there’s a cathartic violence of ‘Django’ paying back blood for blood.”

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Top 5 Five Quentin Tarantino Movies

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Tarantino is one of the most renowned, beloved and legendary American film-makers in all Hollywood, up there with the Martin Scorsese and David Lynch. Since his big screen debut in 1992, he has directed many wonderful films that have inspired and beguiled aspiring film-makers and general audiences the world over. Also he has won an Oscar. Without any further ado, here are Tarantino’s five best movies.

Kill Bill Volume 2 – 2004

While Volume 1 focused on paying homage to the Kung-Fu genre, Volume 2 is more of a spaghetti western tribute, though some kung-fu moves still manage to sneak in occasionally.  The sequel follows the Bride (Uma Thurman) continuing her perilous quest to, kill Bill, the one who attempted to murder her on her wedding day. Volume 2 still manages to be a thrilling and thoroughly satisfying conclusion to this fascinating story, aside from the blood shed.

Inglorious Basterds – 2009

The movie is essentially Kill Bill set during the Second World War. Taking place mostly in Nazi-occupied France in 1941, it tells the story of two parallel plots to assassinate the German high command. The film was nominated for Best Picture and Best Original Screenplay by the Academy Awards. This shows off once again Tarantino’s passion for dialogue, as characters chit-chat with one another to relentlessly entertaining effect.

Kill Bill Volume 1 – 2003

The first volume of Kill Bill sees Uma Thurman starring as the Bride, a nameless assassin who, against all odds, survives a gunshot wound to the noggin. Volume 1 is a notably bloody affair, all splattered with human bean juice and smothered with dismembered limbs. It’s bloody, with great scenes of kung-fu and neverending entertainment.

Reservoir Dogs – 1992

This is the movie that introduced movie fans to the brilliant world of Mr. Tarantino. The film stars Harvey Keitel, Tim Roth, Steve Buscemi, Michael Madsen, Edward Bunker and Tarantino himself, as a band of dirty crooks who are brought together to rob a jewellery store. Things go wrong when the plan is set on motion, leaving the team to think they have a rat among them. Sharp dialogue, pop culture reference and strong characters. These are the main features that sum up the movie.

Pulp Fiction – 1994

This movie has already become a pop culture reference in American cinematography. It’s Tarantino’s finest work as both a writer and director, and is considered to be one of the greatest films of all time. Pulp Fiction is an effortlessly entertaining and beautifully written crime picture that is occasionally hilarious, a bit bloody and very stylish. 

Quentin Tarantino is an amazing director who never ceases to amaze movie goers and cinema lovers. Who knows what bloody, witty, stylish spaghetti western combined with kung fu movie he will come up with next?


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Quentin Tarantino Will Direct The Prequel of Inglorious Bastards

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We have already known for quite a while that Quentin Tarantino is planning a prequel for his masterfully brilliant World War II flick Inglorious Bastards. He already revealed back in May that the had half of the prequel already written, and a few months later, the producer of Inglorious Bastards Harvey Weinstein talked about the possibility of another film. Regarding the Bastards prequel, Tarantino said that he has got 40 pages of it written, so not quite halfway as he said before, unless the runtime comes in at under an hour and a half. Tarantino is not giving any details about what the prequel may be about, although if you have been paying attention to the rumours surrounding the prequel, you may guess the plot of the movie. It could be a storyline about a group of African American soldiers behind the enemy lines.

There is no more information on the prequel for the time being. However, Quentin reveals it is going to be smaller and less epic in scale than the Bastards and will take on a completely different genre. He says he could finish it in about a five to six month period of intensive writing, which probably means we will not see it for quite a while. Tarantino is very secretive regarding his future project. We, as viewers, can only assume that it will be different from what we have seen before.

Until he releases the trailer for the prequel, Quentin Tarantino will release his latest film in December. Amidst a sea of prestigious musicals, 3D classic American literature adaptations, Tom Cruise thrillers and a return trip to Middle earth, there is one film due to hot theatres this December that stands out as genuinely original, yet also firmly rooted in film history, Tarantino’s southern fried Spaghetti western homage, Django Unchained.

The official Django Unchained teaser poster unveiled in early April provided a small taste of the remixed retro flavour that is specific to Pulp Fiction. This new movie is expected to have the Tarantino trademark in terms of plot, customary literary dialogue, stylistic imitations of classic film making techniques, colorful variations on familiar character types and a chapter oriented storyline that jumps back and forth in time. In other words, this new movie will be one characteristic to Tarantino’s style.

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Filmography Facts On The Works Of Quentin Tarantino

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Quentin Tarantino is a famous figure of the film industry. The numerous projects in which he has been involved have shown the fact that he is an amazing talent in a variety of domains. The main contributions of Tarantino to the industry have been as director, as writer, as producer and as actor. These instances have been very much appreciated by all types of audiences, formed out of people of all ages and of all types of interests. Some of the productions have featured Tarantino in more than one of these instances, showing the fact that he is not only a great talent in all these individual domains, but he can be one in some of them or in all of them at the same time.

In 1987, Tarantino was the director, the writer, the producer and the actor of My Best Friend`s Birthday. This breakout performance, in all four instances at the same time, has been the one to launch his career and to show the fact that he is a name that should be recognized from the start in all these very important parts. In 1992, he was director, writer and actor in Reservoir Dogs. The following year, he wrote True Romance. The year 1994 brought a lot of productions to Tarantino, such as: Pulp Fiction, Natural Born Killers, Sleeping with Me and Killing Zoe. In 1995, he was a part of Four Rooms, Desperado and Destiny Turns on the Radio. The following year, he was involved in Girl 6, The Rock, From Dusk Till Dawn and Curdled. Until the 2000s, Tarantino was a part of Jackie Brown (1997), From Dusk Till Dawn 2 (1999) and From Dusk Till Dawn 3 (1999).

The 2000s came with a lot of amazing productions for Quentin Tarantino. The interpretations and the activities he has taken up behind or in front of the camera have been appreciated and celebrated through a lot of honors and awards. The main movies in which Quentin Tarantino has been involved have been the following: Little Nicky (2000), Kill Bill Vol. I & II (2003 and 2004), My Name is Modesty (2003), Daltry Calhoun (2005), Hostel (2005), Freedom`s Fury (2006), Grindhouse (2007), Sukiyaki Western Django (2007), Hostel: Part II (2007), Hell Ride (2008), Inglorious Bastards (2009), Hostel: Part III (2011) and Django Unchained (2012). All these instances have brought a lot of glory to Tarantino and the appreciation of the world towards his work. 

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Random Things About Quentin Tarantino

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If you watched Kill Bill, Pulp Fiction or Inglorious Basterds, then you certainly know that the genius behind all these great movies is Quentin Tarantino. Quentin Tarantino is an American film director, screenwriter, producer, cinematographer and actor. Quentin Tarantino started out his career as an independent filmmaker with films that employed nonlinear storylines and the aestheticization of violence. Along the years, Quentin Tarantino has won numerous awards and prizes. His works were highly appraised and recognised. The movies of Quentin Tarantino are easily recognisable, by his stylistic influences from grindhouses, kung fu, and spaghetti western films.

The movies of Quentin Tarantino set the viewers in another universe and transport them to another world that is very much his own. From the dialogue to his personal tastes in movies, music, comics and random stuff like cars and outfits to the teeniest props, not one of the meticulous details is an accident. Behind every event in the movie, there is a perfectly reasonable explanation and sound story. This is just one of the reasons why the movies of Quentin Tarantino are so captivating.

There are some random facts about Quentin Tarantino and his movies that are particularly interesting. For instance, his movies are known to always contain at least one scene that focuses on women’s feet. He admitted that he does have an appreciation for feet in an interview. Quentin Tarantino hates product placement and makes up his own brands instead, which adds to his movies’ surreal feel. In a weird way, all of his movies are linked together in the oddest ways. Sometimes, by a certain line, sometimes through a specific outfit. For instance, in Deathproof one of the characters’ ringtone is the whistled tune from Twisted Nerve, also used in Kill Bill. Quentin Tarantino is one of the most appreciated movie directors and his movies are bursting with energy and focused, a style that has earned him many accolades worldwide. According to Quentin Tarantino, a recurring hallmark in movies, which gets the audience to laug at things that are not actually funny.

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The Personal Life Of Quentin Tarantino

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Quentin Tarantino was born on March 27, 1963 in Knoxville, Tennessee, United States of America. He is an actor, director, producer, screenwriter and cinematographer. Quentin Tarantino started working in 1998. His most notable works are Pulp Fiction, Jackie Brown, Reservoir Dogs, Kill Bill and Inglorious Basterds. Many of the Quentin Tarantino movies have a nonlinear storyline and involve emphasizing violence. Thanks to his great work, Quentin Tarantino received an Academy Award, A Palme d’Or, a Golden Globe Award, a BAFTA and many Emmy and Grammy nominations. Quentin Tarantino was influenced by other people that worked in the movie industry, as Sergio Leone, Jean-Luc Godard, Martin Scorsese, Samuel Fuller and John Woo. He mostly keeps his personal life under wraps, but the press did not miss any opportunity to find more about Quentin Tarantino.

He is the son of a nurse, Connie McHugh and an amateur actor, Tony Tarantino. Her mother has Irish and Cherokee ancestry and his father is Italian. His parents broke up before his birth. Quentin Tarantino moved with his mother in Torrance, California, when he was two. In high school, he took drama classes. At 15, he dropped out and went to the James Best Theater Company from Toluca Lake. Two years later he dropped out once again and he got a job in a video store, where he paid attention on what kind of movies people liked to rent. He considers this to be defining for his career.

Fans of Quentin Tarantino are also very interested of whom did the famous producer date. He was linked to actress Mira Sorvino and also to Julie Dreyfus, Kathy Griffin and Margaret Choo. Apparently, Quentin Tarantino was involved with directors Allison Anders and Sofia Coppola, too. He stated that Uma Thurman is his muse, but their relationship is strictly platonic. It seems like Quentin Tarantino wants to dedicate himself to the movie making industry until 60, when he plans to retire, in order to write novels and film literature. He says that the only thing that will rush his retirement is the digitalization of movies, thing that he hopes that it will not happen very soon.

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Interesting Things To Know About Quentin Tarantino

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Quentin Tarantino is a famous American movie producer, but also director and actor. The career that Quentin Tarantino has managed to develop surely is very impressive, mostly since the star has been able to make it big in one of the most demanding industries in the world, of course the Hollywood movie industry. Due to his amazing projects, Quentin Tarantino has become one of the most influential movie directors in the world.

Quentin Tarantino was born on March 27, 1963, in Knoxville, Tennessee, United States. The star moved to Los Angeles at the age on only 2, along with his mother. A very interesting fact about Quentin Tarantino is that the famous movie director decided to drop out of high school at the age of 16. From a very young age, Quentin Tarantino has known that he wanted to pursue a career in the movie industry and he started with some acting classes at the James Best Theatre Company. When he was 21, Quentin Tarantino got a job at The Video Archives. This seems to have actually been a determinant moment in the star’s life and career. While working in a video store, Quentin Tarantino has had the possibility to study numerous movies and this was he developed an impressive knowledge about this particular domain.

Quentin Tarantino wrote his first movie script at the age of 22. He later on sold another script for the sum of $1500. Well, since everyone appreciated his work, Quentin Tarantino soon become quite successful, so there is no wonder that the next script he sold, for True Romance, received the sum of $50,000. Although Quentin Tarantino could have only focused on his work as a movie script writer, the star decided to use those money to finance a new project, making his first film, the popular Reservoir Dogs. Soon, he got the needed financial support and the next movie that Quentin Tarantino released made him a real star. Pulp Fiction was an amazing success, grossing more than $100 million. The following movie of the star grossed even more, $136 million. And this movie, Kill Bill, released in 2004 was really appreciated by the fans. There is no doubt in the fact that Tarantino is a very talented movie writer and producer, deserving all credit for his high quality work.

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The Movies of Quentin Tarantino

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Quentin Tarantino is perhaps one of the best famous movie directors in Hollywood. He is the one who directed Pulp Fiction, Inglorious Basterds, Kill Bill and many more box office hits. Quentin Tarantino began his movie career in the 1990s as an independent film maker with films employing non linear storylines and an aestheticism of violence. His movies are generally characterized by stylistic influences from grindhouse kung fu, and spaghetti western films.

Quentin Tarantino has created a unique style that is easily recognizable, combining styles from his favorite genres into brand new mash ups, making him one of the more recent true Auteurs. Quentin Tarantino expresses his films exactly from his point of view. In Kill Bill, he combined Sonny Chiba style Kung Fu films and spaghetti westerns. Quentin Tarantino is the first to tell people that he is heavily inspired, in plot and style by his favorite movies, yet he still manages to create a whole new perspective on things. His body of work features unique humor, action, interpersonal touch, and fast paced, pop culture laden dialogue. Quentin Tarantino has created some of the best most memorable dialogue lines ever heard in cinema.

Although he is a famous director, Quentin Tarantino wanted to start off his movie career as an actor, not behind the camera. It seems that he is much better behind the camera, rather in front of it. More recently, he has been accused that all his films are strikingly similar and that he resorts to stereotypes. Precisely this stereotype is what makes the movies of Quentin Tarantino so well acclaimed. His most recent work is Inglorious Basterds, a fictional story of two plots to assassinate the Nazi Germany political leadership, one planned by a young French Jewish cinema proprietor, and the other by a team of Jewish Allied soldiers, led by First Lieutenant Aldo Rained, played by Brad Pitt. The movie won high critical acclaims, including eight Academy nominations. Quentin Tarantino is an important name in the movie industry, that has changed the way action movies are made, and we will surely hear from him soon.

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Quentin Tarantino Success

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Quentin Tarantino is an American actor, film director, producer and a screenwriter that was born on March 27, 1963, Tennessee. His entire name is Quentin Jerome Tarantino, but is known more as only Quentin Tarantino. His artistic talents allowed him to have great results during his career. His success brought him a huge success, and today, Quentin Tarantino is a famous figure at Hollywood. Quentin Tarantino career started during the 90′s and throughout time, he managed to make wonderful films such as Pulp Fiction, Reservoir Dogs, Kill Bill, Jackie Brown, but  also television productions.

Quentin Tarantino has always wanted to become and actor, too, not staying only behind cameras. So, he appeared in Elvis Impersonate and The Golden Globes, but were unsuccessful, so it seems that he is good only as a film director or as a screen writer, but not acting. A famous film made by Quentin Tarantino is called Inglorious Bastards. For his great artistic results, Quentin Tarantino was very acclaimed and received many awards that were a proof he is very talented and good at what he does. Although Quentin Tarantino was very successful, he was also criticized for the fact that his films are all very similar and that he includes many things about racism and drugs in his films.

It is ironic though, that even if he includes these things, Quentin Tarantino was never suspected of drug abuse. Apart from this, all his work is of high quality and he chose great films that perhaps would not become so famous if it was not him to make them different. Regarding his personal life, Quentin Tarantino was always careful about that, trying to be as discrete as possible and he does not like to talk too much about it. There have been said many things about his relationships, but there were only rumors. He often said that although he has never been married, his purpose was not to stay single all his life, but this is what happens when you choose to work at Hollywood.

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Quentin Tarantino Personal Life

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Quentin Tarantino is, without a doubt, one of the most popular stars in Hollywood. And the reality is that Quentin Tarantino  has managed to become so famous only for his hard work, great talent and high quality projects. The movie producer has been awarded for his work numerous times, his movies also being nominated in various ceremonies. However, Quentin Tarantino has managed to conquer the spotlight only with the projects in his career and the famous movie producer has been able to keep many aspects from his personal life, private.

Although Quentin Tarantino has tried to stay away of the public eye when it comes to his personal life, the star has been many times rumored to be romantically involved with various famous stars. So, Quentin Tarantino has been rumored to date Mira Sorvino, but also Allison Anders, Sofia Coppola and Margaret Cho. At some point, rumors also indicated that Quentin Tarantino was dating Kathy Griffen and Julie Dreyfus. However, most speculations have been linked to Quentin Tarantino’s relationship with Uma Thurman. Although the two claimed that there is nothing else between them than a beautiful friendship, Quentin Tarantino has increased rumors himself, as he declared that the actress is his muse, but claimed that their relationship is truly platonic.

Still, Quentin Tarantino is not planning to settle down in the near future either. The star previously declared that he will not get married before the age of 60 and kids are not in plan either, at least before that age. Well, it surely looks like Quentin Tarantino is determined to stay focused only on his career and since he entered on this road, he wants to follow the path to success alone. And there is no doubt in the fact that success has always been linked to the projects that Quentin Tarantino released during the years. Some of the most famous movie of Quentin Tarantino include Inglourious Bastards, Reservoir Dogs, Freedom’s Fury, Grindhouse, My Name is Modesty, Little Nicky, From Dusk till Down, Girl Six, Iron Monkey, Pulp Fiction, Desperado, Jackie Brown, Hostel, Hell Ride and the most recent The Man with the Iron Fists.

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