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Quentin Tarantino is, without a doubt, one of the most popular stars in Hollywood. And the reality is that Quentin Tarantino  has managed to become so famous only for his hard work, great talent and high quality projects. The movie producer has been awarded for his work numerous times, his movies also being nominated in various ceremonies. However, Quentin Tarantino has managed to conquer the spotlight only with the projects in his career and the famous movie producer has been able to keep many aspects from his personal life, private.

Although Quentin Tarantino has tried to stay away of the public eye when it comes to his personal life, the star has been many times rumored to be romantically involved with various famous stars. So, Quentin Tarantino has been rumored to date Mira Sorvino, but also Allison Anders, Sofia Coppola and Margaret Cho. At some point, rumors also indicated that Quentin Tarantino was dating Kathy Griffen and Julie Dreyfus. However, most speculations have been linked to Quentin Tarantino’s relationship with Uma Thurman. Although the two claimed that there is nothing else between them than a beautiful friendship, Quentin Tarantino has increased rumors himself, as he declared that the actress is his muse, but claimed that their relationship is truly platonic.

Still, Quentin Tarantino is not planning to settle down in the near future either. The star previously declared that he will not get married before the age of 60 and kids are not in plan either, at least before that age. Well, it surely looks like Quentin Tarantino is determined to stay focused only on his career and since he entered on this road, he wants to follow the path to success alone. And there is no doubt in the fact that success has always been linked to the projects that Quentin Tarantino released during the years. Some of the most famous movie of Quentin Tarantino include Inglourious Bastards, Reservoir Dogs, Freedom’s Fury, Grindhouse, My Name is Modesty, Little Nicky, From Dusk till Down, Girl Six, Iron Monkey, Pulp Fiction, Desperado, Jackie Brown, Hostel, Hell Ride and the most recent The Man with the Iron Fists.

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