Quentin Tarantino Will Direct The Prequel of Inglorious Bastards

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We have already known for quite a while that Quentin Tarantino is planning a prequel for his masterfully brilliant World War II flick Inglorious Bastards. He already revealed back in May that the had half of the prequel already written, and a few months later, the producer of Inglorious Bastards Harvey Weinstein talked about the possibility of another film. Regarding the Bastards prequel, Tarantino said that he has got 40 pages of it written, so not quite halfway as he said before, unless the runtime comes in at under an hour and a half. Tarantino is not giving any details about what the prequel may be about, although if you have been paying attention to the rumours surrounding the prequel, you may guess the plot of the movie. It could be a storyline about a group of African American soldiers behind the enemy lines.

There is no more information on the prequel for the time being. However, Quentin reveals it is going to be smaller and less epic in scale than the Bastards and will take on a completely different genre. He says he could finish it in about a five to six month period of intensive writing, which probably means we will not see it for quite a while. Tarantino is very secretive regarding his future project. We, as viewers, can only assume that it will be different from what we have seen before.

Until he releases the trailer for the prequel, Quentin Tarantino will release his latest film in December. Amidst a sea of prestigious musicals, 3D classic American literature adaptations, Tom Cruise thrillers and a return trip to Middle earth, there is one film due to hot theatres this December that stands out as genuinely original, yet also firmly rooted in film history, Tarantino’s southern fried Spaghetti western homage, Django Unchained.

The official Django Unchained teaser poster unveiled in early April provided a small taste of the remixed retro flavour that is specific to Pulp Fiction. This new movie is expected to have the Tarantino trademark in terms of plot, customary literary dialogue, stylistic imitations of classic film making techniques, colorful variations on familiar character types and a chapter oriented storyline that jumps back and forth in time. In other words, this new movie will be one characteristic to Tarantino’s style.

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Filmography Facts On The Works Of Quentin Tarantino

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Quentin Tarantino is a famous figure of the film industry. The numerous projects in which he has been involved have shown the fact that he is an amazing talent in a variety of domains. The main contributions of Tarantino to the industry have been as director, as writer, as producer and as actor. These instances have been very much appreciated by all types of audiences, formed out of people of all ages and of all types of interests. Some of the productions have featured Tarantino in more than one of these instances, showing the fact that he is not only a great talent in all these individual domains, but he can be one in some of them or in all of them at the same time.

In 1987, Tarantino was the director, the writer, the producer and the actor of My Best Friend`s Birthday. This breakout performance, in all four instances at the same time, has been the one to launch his career and to show the fact that he is a name that should be recognized from the start in all these very important parts. In 1992, he was director, writer and actor in Reservoir Dogs. The following year, he wrote True Romance. The year 1994 brought a lot of productions to Tarantino, such as: Pulp Fiction, Natural Born Killers, Sleeping with Me and Killing Zoe. In 1995, he was a part of Four Rooms, Desperado and Destiny Turns on the Radio. The following year, he was involved in Girl 6, The Rock, From Dusk Till Dawn and Curdled. Until the 2000s, Tarantino was a part of Jackie Brown (1997), From Dusk Till Dawn 2 (1999) and From Dusk Till Dawn 3 (1999).

The 2000s came with a lot of amazing productions for Quentin Tarantino. The interpretations and the activities he has taken up behind or in front of the camera have been appreciated and celebrated through a lot of honors and awards. The main movies in which Quentin Tarantino has been involved have been the following: Little Nicky (2000), Kill Bill Vol. I & II (2003 and 2004), My Name is Modesty (2003), Daltry Calhoun (2005), Hostel (2005), Freedom`s Fury (2006), Grindhouse (2007), Sukiyaki Western Django (2007), Hostel: Part II (2007), Hell Ride (2008), Inglorious Bastards (2009), Hostel: Part III (2011) and Django Unchained (2012). All these instances have brought a lot of glory to Tarantino and the appreciation of the world towards his work. 

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