Early life
Quentin Jerome Tarantino was born in Knoxville, Tennessee on March 27 1963.He is the son of Connie McHugh Zastoupil and Tonny Tarantino who was an actor and amateur musician. He is an American actor, film director, producer and screenwriter. He is well known for the quality output he has been giving to the film industry.

He started in the early 90’s where he was independent after he was introduced by Lawrence Bender at Hollywood party. Quentin has been successful in this industry. He has done several movies in this industry. Some of the movies that has made Jerome a superstar are Reservoir Dogs (1992), Pulp Fiction which was released on 1994, Jackie Brown (1997), Kill Bill which was first released on 2004, Death Proof (2007) and Inglourious Basterds which was released early this year.

He became a legend in Hollywood after getting several awards among them Golden Globe and Oscar. He has also won awards in various categories like the best screen play which he won in 1994. Other awards that he has also won are Academy, BAFTA and Palme d’Or. He has been nominated for Emmy and Grammy awards. He has also been named the 12th-greatest of all time upon release of Total Film.

Tarantino began to writing screen plays completing his first one, True Romance, in 1987. He did this with a help from his co-worker Roger Avary who later became a director. He, for the first time, asked for financing so that he would film his script. This was not possible and he thought of selling the script to Tony Scott. Financial support was hard at that time for him. He wrote another script, this time Natural Black Killers which he also sold to Rand Vossler.

The little amount that he earned for True Romance was invested in a pre-production of his third Script of Reservoir Dogs. He received a financial support from Live Entertainment. This was after Harvey Keitel decided to star in his movie. Upon the release of this movie, there were some people who wanted him out of the film industry. They said that he emulated City on Fire, a Hong Kong thriller. This, instead of discouraging him motivated him. He wrote and directed another film this time, Pulp Fiction. This was meant to prove his rivals wrong. In addition to that, he was able to release other two films that year.
Apart from being in film industry, Quentin Tarantino is a good dancer. He is a man who is not ready to be brought down from any thing and those with him in this industry have a reason to worry because of Quentin Tarantino, an ever rising legend.