Quentin Tarantino Says The N-Word At The Golden Globe Awards

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Quentin Tarantino won the award for the best screenplay for “Django Unchained” at the Golden Globe Awards event. After he has just picked up the award, Tarantino shocked the press by uttering the racist term while defending its use in his slavery-era spaghetti western named “Django Unchained”.


He used the N-word in the winners room. The famous filmmaker said about it: “They think I should soften it, that I should lie, that I should massage. I would never do that when it comes to my characters.”


The film’s setting is in 1860 antebellum South and involves rife and violence. This is not the first time when Quentin Tarantino makes this point. He did it before, as well, even on a Canadian talk show in December called George Stroumboulopoulos Tonight: “This whole thing of this ‘war on drugs’ and the mass incarcerations that have happened pretty much for the last 40 years has just decimated the black male population. “It’s slavery. It’s just slavery through and through, and it’s just the same fear of the black male that existed back in the 1800s.”


Related to what he said at the Golden Globes Awards event, Tarantino explained: “If somebody is out there actually saying when it comes to the word ‘n—–,’ the fact that I was using it in the movie more than it was being used in the antebellum south in Mississippi, then feel free to make that case. But no one’s actually making that case.”


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In terms of brutality and violence in his new film, the filmmaker said: “There’s two types of violence (in ‘Django’). There’s the brutality of the violence in the day, put upon the slaves during the time, that hasn’t been dealt with in America to the extent I deal with it. There was two holocausts in America, this is one of them. Then there’s a cathartic violence of ‘Django’ paying back blood for blood.”

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Filmography Facts On The Works Of Quentin Tarantino

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Quentin Tarantino is a famous figure of the film industry. The numerous projects in which he has been involved have shown the fact that he is an amazing talent in a variety of domains. The main contributions of Tarantino to the industry have been as director, as writer, as producer and as actor. These instances have been very much appreciated by all types of audiences, formed out of people of all ages and of all types of interests. Some of the productions have featured Tarantino in more than one of these instances, showing the fact that he is not only a great talent in all these individual domains, but he can be one in some of them or in all of them at the same time.

In 1987, Tarantino was the director, the writer, the producer and the actor of My Best Friend`s Birthday. This breakout performance, in all four instances at the same time, has been the one to launch his career and to show the fact that he is a name that should be recognized from the start in all these very important parts. In 1992, he was director, writer and actor in Reservoir Dogs. The following year, he wrote True Romance. The year 1994 brought a lot of productions to Tarantino, such as: Pulp Fiction, Natural Born Killers, Sleeping with Me and Killing Zoe. In 1995, he was a part of Four Rooms, Desperado and Destiny Turns on the Radio. The following year, he was involved in Girl 6, The Rock, From Dusk Till Dawn and Curdled. Until the 2000s, Tarantino was a part of Jackie Brown (1997), From Dusk Till Dawn 2 (1999) and From Dusk Till Dawn 3 (1999).

The 2000s came with a lot of amazing productions for Quentin Tarantino. The interpretations and the activities he has taken up behind or in front of the camera have been appreciated and celebrated through a lot of honors and awards. The main movies in which Quentin Tarantino has been involved have been the following: Little Nicky (2000), Kill Bill Vol. I & II (2003 and 2004), My Name is Modesty (2003), Daltry Calhoun (2005), Hostel (2005), Freedom`s Fury (2006), Grindhouse (2007), Sukiyaki Western Django (2007), Hostel: Part II (2007), Hell Ride (2008), Inglorious Bastards (2009), Hostel: Part III (2011) and Django Unchained (2012). All these instances have brought a lot of glory to Tarantino and the appreciation of the world towards his work. 

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