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For all the fans of Quentin Tarantino films you will know that he has had many successful films and won a variety of awards for his hard work and dedication in the film industry. You may also know that he has appeared in many of his own films as one character or another which adds to the mystique of his movies. The following is a list of some of his films to date and the list of the films which he has appeared in too. You can find all of his hit films in DVD stores or alternative record and film stores which stock the best DVDs and movies.

In 1992 he played the role of Mr. Brown in the movie – Reservoir Dogs.

His 1994 hit film, Pulp Fictions was a smash hit for years and Quentin played the role of Jimmy Dimmick.

The same year in 1994 he also produced a film called Sleep with Me.

Desperado was also a film which he did not direct himself but played another minor role in 1995.

1996 brought the greatest vampire film to air for many Quentin Tarantino fans which was the Dusk till Dawn movie.

Many people would never guess that he was the voice on an answering machine in the movie Jackie Brown in 1997.

With full makeup, his role in Little Nicky was small where he played the blind man who preached the end of the world.

Quentin played a gang member role in the Kill Bill 2 movie which was another small part.

Other roles include the Death Proof movie and Planet Terror which are said to be very typical alternative movies.

If you look closely at the German soilder getting scalped in Inglorious Basterds you will see a quick glimpse of Quentin’s face. He was also one of the American soldiers in the film played at the movie theatre at the end of the film.

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