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there are many people who have won awards for great films and productions however in the case of Quentin Tarantino you might like to note for somebody that is an expert in alternative film making he has certainly won many awards. Quentin Tarantino could be said to have a slightly warped sense of humor however if you were to ask him or any of his friends and colleges they might agree that he has a very warped sense. This is not an insult by any means as it is this individuality which makes Quentin and his movies so great. Born in 1963 Quentin has been designing movies since he was very young and now with the backing of Hollywood studios and his own personal fortune he is able to make these dream movies into a reality. Lucky for the fans of his work there is still plenty more action to come which will also mean that he is likely to be awarded more too.

A list of some of the famous films that he has produced starts in the year 1987 when he produced his first main stream movie designed for the big screen. My Best Friends Birthday was an interesting film which starred the director as one of the lead roles where his character went out of his way to make a great birthday for his best friend however everything that could go wrong did. Reservoir Dogs was another triumph at the movies with a great cast and crew who did wonders for the film. this film was produced in 1992 and was the first film that you could recognize Quentin’s twist in film making. Two years later Pulp Fiction was made which was another perfect example of his efforts to make a very original film. the movie itself did not go in a straight time line as scenes cut from one character to the next. The Kill Bill series was another big hit with his fans and another movie which had many talented actors and actresses in. in 2009 his latest film Inglorious Basterds was released at the cinema which was again another great Tarantino film.

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