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Quentin Jerome Tarantino an American actor, film director, producer and a screenwriter was born in March 27, 1963 in Tennessee. He started in early 1990s as an independent actor and filmmaker using mainly aestheticization of violence and non-linear stories.
quentin tarantino
Tarantino became an instant legend in Hollywood after bagging numerous awards such as Golden Globe and Oscar. His much imitated groundbreaking screenplay Pulp Fiction released in 1994 won him several awards for the Best Original Screenplay. He became adored by many film legends in the industry as a “new-age” filmmaker who was a high school dropout and who had learnt the art of filmmaking; not at a film school, but by watching tapes and television.

While working as a video archive clerk in Manhattan Beach he met his “would-be” producing associate, Mr. Roger Avary. Roger Avary made several joint screenplays with Tarantino before making a 70-minute comedy, My Best Friend’s Birthday which was co-directed by Craig Hamann. The comedy was about a young man with plans to surprisingly give his friend who was having a birthday something nice to keep running afoul.

Although Tarantino started out as a director, being an actor was his dream too. Like many of the new directors, his first piece did not see the light. It later went on to be shown in exhibitions. In 1988, he appeared in several Elvis Impersonate episodes; The Golden Girls.

Among the films he has done include My Best Friend’s Birthday, Pulp Fiction, Reservoir Dogs, kill bill, Jackie Brown, inglorious Bastards aiind Death proof. His work has earned him awards from Academy, BAFTA, Golden Globe, Grammy as well as Emmy.  Tarantino has also been involved in a number of television productions. For instance, he directed the fifth season of the popular show CSI: Crime Scene Investigation. The Grave danger episode takes much of the Kill Bill film.

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