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Quentin Tarantino was born in Knoxville, Tennessee on March 27, 1963. Since directing his first movie in 1987, Tarantino has directed, written, produced and acted in over fifteen different Hollywood films.

Quentin Tarantinos unfinished first film, “My Best Friends Birthday”, was produced in 1987 while he was working at a Californian video rental store. Tarantino co-wrote the script with co-worker Craig Hamann, and the film itself was shot on black-and-white film. The film, which ran for 70 minutes in duration, followed a young man whose attempts to provide his best friend with a memorable birthday repeatedly failed. A fire destroyed most of the film, and only about 36 minutes of the original film remains.

Tarantinos movies are often focused on the theme of crime and action. His 1992 film, Reservoir Dogs, followed the events surrounding a botched diamond robbery, his 1994 film Pulp Fiction depicted the lives of Los Angeles criminals whilst his Kill Bill franchise featured frequent bouts of violence.

Tarantinos latest two films, Death Proof and Inglourious Basterds, have both been nominated for a variety of awards, although the latter has generally been better-received. The script for Inglourious Basterds was originally written in 1998, before the release of the Kill Bill franchise. The plot for the film follows the plans for two separate fictional Hitler assassination plots. Display of Nazi insignias is illegal in Germany unless the insignias are used in works of art, so instances of the swastika on the films promotional web site were removed by the films production company, although the film itself was not.

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