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It is funny to see that one of the best director and producers of movies likes to sneak himself into the scenes and play little parts. Quentin Tarantino has not only directed and produced many excellent films but he has also played parts in some of them so that he can have a bit of fun on the set as well as off. Born in March of 1963 Quentin has done a lot of great work in the short time that he has been in the movie making industry. Some of his movies are full of gore while others are more placid with a twist for the ending. Born in Knoxville Tennessee Quentin is definitely an all American guy which does come across in some of his movies. His parents are a mix of Italian and Irish which makes Quentin a little bit of both and this may have given him the slight advantage of being a completely unique minded individual. There are not many other films like his films which are not always based in a straight line and ones that showed us the meaning of scene jumping.

Not only are Quentin Taranino’s movies smash hits because they are unique and action packed but also because they usually have big stars in them or they make big stars out of the actors and actresses who play the parts. My Best Friend’s Birthday was an unfinished film from 1987 which starred Samuel L Jackson as the lead role. His next film which was a cinematographer’s masterpiece that received several awards for best acting and best movie. This movie was Reservoir Dogs which was another action packed movie with a brilliant twist at the end and some very exceptional actors like Steve Buscemi, Tim Roth, Michael Madison and many more. This list is endless in this film with all of the main actors’ real big stars. Other films like Pulp Fiction, Kill Bill and Jackie Brown also had some great actors in them but it was his latest masterpiece that was full of perfection called Inglorious Basterds that really showed what Quentin could do behind the camera.

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