The best of Quentin Tarantino

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With the likes of directors and film buffs like Quentin Tarantino then people can sleep safely in the knowledge that their horror films and other great movies will be made for many years to come. Quentin is a famous and very talented director and producer of movies who likes to play little roles in them. The most famous film of them all being Pulp Fiction which was the movie everyone said rocket Quentin to fame however his career started much longer ago than this movies was make.

Kill Bill and the other Kill Bill movies is another masterpiece from Quentin where a lonely girl who is looking for love finds herself in trouble with the old gang who try to murder her. They do not succeed as she makes her way to finding Bill, the cause of all her troubles. Another great movie by this same star / director is Reservoir Dogs which is a great action adventure film about a group of guys trying to pull off a robbery but with an inside cop telling the police their every move this tale goes wrong very quickly. Quentin seems to have a certain number of favorite actors and actresses that appear in many of his movies but Bruce Willis is one of the all time best in the Pulp fiction movie which many people, including me have seen more than a few times. With any luck we will be seeing something very spectacular from Quentin as soon as he is finished what he is working on now but until then there are dozens of movies that are top ten and below which Quentin has done a great job of directing.

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